About NG Clearing

NG Clearing is Nigeria’s first counterparty clearing house.



Growing our business in the right way

We believe that how we do business is as important as what we do. We want to achieve good results in a way that treats our customers fairly and helps to strengthen communities and ensure a properly functioning financial system. Our values are central to achieving these aims.


Develop forward-thinking solutions to challenges, thus creating value for NG Clearing and its stakeholders


Demonstrate Competence through Motivated Staff that act with Integrity


Accelerate Speed of Execution, shorten Time to Market, Nimble in Project

Customer centricity

Focused on Delivering Value to Customers


Our brand communicates our vision, our heartbeat, and the driving force for all that we do – to achieve Unity of Purpose for our shareholders and stakeholders.


Our vision is to be the Most Trusted CCP in Africa


We ensure safe and resilient financial markets for growth

Paving change through technology

We are here to support growth and development in the Nigerian Capital Market, as the gateway to African Markets.

NG Clearing is Nigeria’s first counterparty clearinghouse, we provide world class post trade services by delivering efficient clearing services that ensures a safe and resilient financial market through best in class risk management services. We novate contracts executed by trading members and stand as a central counterparty (CCP), acting as a buyer to every seller and a seller to every buyer.

Established as the central counterparty (CCP) for the Nigeria Financial market in 2016, NG Clearing is positioned today to clear multiple instruments in the Nigerian Financial market, most importantly facilitating and guaranteeing the successful execution of derivatives trades from all trade points in Nigeria and manage the risks associated with derivatives trades.

Setting Sail

As we start out in our quest to be a best-in-class market infrastructure in Africa, we will help deepen our market by paving the way for a smooth introduction of exchange-traded derivatives and other financial instruments to our market. Our activities will facilitate the availability of alternative investment options for knowledgeable local and foreign investors seeking a diversified portfolio within our market, while positioning NG Clearing a leading post trade services provider in Africa.

Overall, we will take the necessary steps to enhance the effectiveness and resilience of our market in line with international best practices, working collaboratively with relevant standards-setting organisations, regulators, and key stakeholders.

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